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EmLucy Status Pages Make Life Easier in the SNF

A facility status page and a provider status page can be a valuable feature for systems in skilled nursing facilities, helping to make life easier for everyone from administrator, staff members to residents. EmLucy is a facility management system with EHR designed from the ground up for skilled nursing facilities. Here are some key benefits of the Facility Status Page and Provider Status Page in EmLucy.

At the facility level, the facility status page gives management an overview of the status of the whole facility. The facility status page tabulates all pending tasks, complete tasks and the workload of each personnel in the facility. If there's an unbalanced of workload between caregivers, the administrator can reallocate the tasks to different caregivers. At any time, management knows how the facility is functioning well or is strained under the amount of work and can respond in time.

At the personnel level, the provider status page details each personnel with the tasks of the day based on the assigned residents and the required care of each resident. When a task is completed, it is marked off and checked if it is performed on time or late. A list of pending tasks helps the employee manage the workload of the day and know beforehand what tasks that need to finish.

  1. The provider status page provides real-time information on the status of residents, such as their location, activity level, and care needs. This helps staff members to identify residents who may require immediate attention or intervention.

  2. The provider status page improves communication between staff members, allowing them to share information easily on resident status and care needs.

  3. Providing real-time information on resident status, the Provider Status Page enhances resident safety, by having real-time information about patients who require attention.

  4. The provider status page helps staff members to work more efficiently, providing real-time information on residents' status,. It does this by eliminating the need for manual tracking and documentation of resident status.

  5. The provider status page can increase resident satisfaction, by ensuring that residents receive the care and support they need in a timely and effective manner.

The facility status page and provider status page in EmLucy are valuable tools in skilled nursing facilities to help perform tasks smoothly, establish communication, enhance resident safety, improve efficiency, and increase resident satisfaction.

Go to Videos to view short videos showing the facility status and the provider status pages in EmLucy.

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