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Free Trial of EmLucy™


EmLucy™ combines "em" which represents Electronic Medical Record - EMR and "Lucy" which is the common name of AL 288-1. Known as Lucy, the first human fossil, AL 288-1 is several hundred pieces of bone representing about 40% of the skeleton of a female Australopithecus afarensis.

SnfSoft is offering a free EmLucy™ online trial to all potential customers for a limited time. Please register for a trial account. The registration form is completed online with your personal signature. You will receive the signed form in the email indicating you have successfully registered. Once the form is reviewed and authorized, you will be able to access the EmLucy™ trial via an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

At Snfsoft, we developed a unique product for skilled nursing facility care providers. We considered the ease of getting the job done for all facility employees and tested the system extensively. We invite you to use the Feedback feature to notify us of things we didn’t get quite right and sincerely appreciate your input!

Ready to try? Click Here. You will be taken to the welcome page. Click Start, then follow the easy step-by step instructions to complete the registration process.

  • System requirements to access EmLucy™

    • High speed Internet connection of 50 Mbps or higher

    • Any computer (desktop, laptop) or Mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets) with two major web browsers (Firefox, Chrome)


All-New EmLucy™ EHR System With Automated Medicare Billing For Long Term Care Facilities

EmLucy™ was designed  specifically to meet the needs of Long Term Care facilities, including automated Medicare billing.  It has quality checks built in to prevent human errors in prescribing and dispensing medicine. The system checks for conflicts between medical procedures and the care plan for each patient. EmLucy™ combines the most advanced technologies with a simple user interface. This enables the health care professional to deliver the optimum patient care at all times.  Key features of the system include:

  • Fully accessible by multiple devices, PCs, laptops (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android), using cross platform browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

  • Integrated MDS with PDPM calculation, Care Area Triggered (CAT) calculation and active care data collection during the assessment observation period. Once the MDS form is started, the system creates assessment sections automatically during the observation period. As needed, these sections will be completed by nurses, therapists and CNAs. The MDS coordinator will use this data to populate the MDS form and perform the integrated PDPM calculation. Outside of the assessment observation period, the assessment sections are automatically deactivated.

  • Integrated MDS scheduling feature automatically creates upcoming MDS assessment schedules. With this feature, the MDS coordinator just creates the entry tracking form and the system schedules the next MDS assessments.

  • MDS assessments trigger the required care plan record for completion.

  • Integrated facility status feature assists the management team in monitoring the care status of all patients in the facility.

  • Integrated provider Status feature improves care giver efficiency by streamlining his or her work flow. The individual care giver only sees the active tasks for an assigned patient enabling him or her to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

  • Integrated Patient Status feature displays active tasks (e.g. medication to dispense or to be verified, awaiting assessments, etc).

  • Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMARs) are created based on the medication order interval for each patient. From these automatically created eMARs, the nurses record dispensing medicine by scanning the patient ID and the NDC code.

  • Integrated Summary of Care feature sends and receives files directly from other health care facilities without using an exchange.

  • Integrated Electronic Prescription (eRX) feature sends files directly to patients' pharmacies

  • Integrated Direct Message feature receives immunization records from other health care facilities, lab results from laboratories, and radiology results from diagnosis imaging centers.

  • Built-in smart navigation system with automatic bookmarks.

  • Automatic Drug-to-Drug Interaction detections.

  • Food Allergy warnings.

  • Streamlined Encounter, Problem, Diagnosis, and Physician Order Creation.

  • Integrated Clinical Decision Support (CDS) feature displays alternative medications, upcoming immunizations, etc to health care professionals.

  • Reports includes admission reports, quarterly utilization reports, patient list report, medication list report, and lab order list report, among others.

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