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EmLucy EHR Features

EmLucy Features

Care Transfer
EmLucy transfers and receives Summary of Care which is the medical record of patient to/from all healthcare entities. SOC is input directly into the system to keep continuous care of the patient from previous facility.
Caregiver Status
A time line of all patient services of all assigned patient appears in Caregiver Status.
Facility  Status
The full status of all patients, all caregivers gives management an overview of the facility operation. All pending actions are reported for resource scheduling. All late actions are flagged for corrective adjustment.
EmLucy is cloud based with full HIPAA compliance. The system is maintained online 24/7 with full customer support. Customers are free from system maintenance and can fully concentrate on providing healthcare to patients. For facilities with multi-sites, all sites can share the same database. EmLucy is accessible with standard browsers and smart phones. Users can login securely to the system from anywhere the internet is available.
Internal Message
EmLucy provides internal message to keep communication private among healthcare workers. When an EmLucy message is received, a notification is sent to the designated email of the receiver to access the EmLucy message.
MDS scheduler keeps track of assessment intervals to create MDS report based on the service during the period. MDS report is auto-generated for review and submission to CMS.
Medical Databases
EmLucy utilizes a total of 9 medical databases to manage different medical conditions of patients and can easily communicate effectively all medical terms with other healthcare entities.
Medical Network
EmLucy connects with a network of all healthcare entities through Direct Message. EmLucy can send/receive medical prescriptions, laboratory reports and radiology reports.
25 ONC certified features.
PDPM calculation is based on ICD-10 diagnosis categorization and accumulated patient service. The final score is input into MDS form.
Patient Status
A time line of patient service appears in each Patient Status.
eMAR scheduler oversees the medication dispense of each patient based on the prescription. A status of each due medicine appears on the Caregiver Status at dispensing time.
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