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EmLucy is Fully Featured and Competitively Priced

EmLucy is a new system that was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of budget minded customers in skilled nursing facilities. Here are some key factors that were considered in creating different pricing packages for customers:

  1. Features and functionality: Snfsoft engineers considered the features and functionalities that are most important to customers and tailored each pricing package accordingly. For example, customers who only need basic features may be attracted to a lower-priced package, while those who require advanced features may prefer a higher-priced package.

  2. Pricing structure: EmLucy was designed with a clear pricing structure for each package. There are no additional charges once the system is up and running for each customer. Snfsoft only charges if a facility requests assistance with porting data or training.

  3. Contract terms: EmLucy was designed with flexible contract terms for each pricing package, allowing users to upgrade or downgrade their package as facility needs evolve.

  4. Target audience: Snfsoft considered the target audience carefully for each pricing package to be competitive with other, less fully featured packages in the market.

  5. Competitive landscape: Based on Snfsoft's research on the competitive landscape, the aim is to offer pricing packages that are competitive and provide a strong value proposition to customers.

Three different packages available for SNFs are described below:

Basic Package includes:

  1. Doctor Accounts, Employee Accounts, Patient Accounts

  2. Patient History, Patient Problem, Patient Allergy, Patient Immunization, Patient Advance Directive, Patient Insurance

  3. Inpatient Registration

  4. Search bar to assist with healthcare codes and medical procedures.

  5. Patient’s timeline of recent medical activities, medical procedures, and medication

  6. Bulletin board for in-facility announcement

  7. Doctor’s Functions: Encounter, Vital Signs, Diagnosis, Prognosis

  8. Doctor’s Orders: Medication Order, Laboratory Order, Radiology Order, Nursing Order, Therapy Order, Diet Order, Activity Order, and Social Service Order

  9. Nurse’s Functions: Nurse Note, Intake and Output, ADL, Bladder Bowel movement assessment, MDS assessment for Fall, Pain, Respiratory and Skin

  10. Patient’s Functions: Account Login, Upload Files, Amendments, View personal data, basic care Vitals, Lab Results, Radiology Results, Medication Orders

  11. Internal Messaging: Private secure messages between facility personnel

  12. Maintenance and Housekeeping

Standard Package: Basic Package + the following features

  1. Doctor’s Functions: Allergy Reconciliation, Medication Reconciliation, Problem Reconciliation, Procedures, E-prescription eRX

  2. Nurse’s Functions: Auto Generated Medication Dispensing Schedule, Dispensing Medication with or without bar code scanner, Integrated Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)

  3. Direct Message: Connections between healthcare entities

  4. Patient Education, Clinical Decision Support

Deluxe Package: Standard Package + the following features

  1. Administrative Functions: Import/Export Summary of Care, Import/Export Encounter, Import/Export Immunization, Import/Export Lab Results, Import/Export Radiology

  2. MDS Coordinator: Minimum Data Set (MDS) scheduling, MDS Data Collection, Export MDS electronic files, Various Reports

EmLucy offers all necessary features to run a facility effectively for Medicare/Medicaid and patients who pay privately or with other insurance.

For more information, go to Videos to view short videos introducing the features of EmLucy.

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