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EmLucy™ is our commercial EHR software for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

EmLucy™ is specifically designed to address the new PDPM calculation and automate clinical data collection for MDS. In addition, EmLucy™ features the  status of medical conditions for each patient and workflow status of each staff member in the facility. A patient’s medical condition is continuously logged. When action is required from a healthcare provider, status is reported for review.

EmLucy™ has been certified for 25 out of 43 criteria in the ONC 2014 specification. Fifteen more criteria are included in the system but not yet certified. SnfSoft is also in process of updating criteria for the newest certification.

EmLucy™ combines "em" which represents Electronic Medical Record - EMR and "Lucy" which is the common name of AL 288-1. Known as Lucy, the first human fossil, AL 288-1 is several hundred pieces of bone representing about 40% of the skeleton of a female Australopithecus afarensis.

SnfSoft is offering a free EmLucy™ online trial to all potential customers for a limited time. Please register for a trial account. The registration form is completed online with your personal signature. You will receive the signed form in the email indicating you have successfully registered. Once the form is reviewed and authorized, you will be able to access the EmLucy™ trial via an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

At Snfsoft, we developed a unique product for skilled nursing facility care providers. We considered the ease of getting the job done for all facility employees and tested the system extensively. We invite you to use the Feedback feature to notify us of things we didn’t get quite right and sincerely appreciate your input!

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  • System requirements to access EmLucy™

    • High speed Internet connection of 50 Mbps or higher

    • Any computer (desktop, laptop) or Mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets) with two major web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge)

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