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MDS Data Collection is Easy and Efficient with Automatic Scheduling.

MDS (Minimum Data Set) is used by skilled nursing facilities to collect information on resident care needs, health status, and other related factors for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. EmLucy's facility management with integrated EHR system makes MDS data collection easy and efficient due to its automatic scheduling feature.

  1. Efficient Assessments: Auto scheduling ensures that assessments are conducted in a timely and efficient manner, reducing the time and effort required for scheduling and tracking assessments.

  2. Standardized Assessments: MDS provides a standardized set of data elements to be collected for clinical assessments of patients. The MDS forms used by the CMS are integrated into EmLucy's EHR system, standardizing data collection and permitting automatic scheduling of assessments on both a short term and long-term basis, as needed for resident care.

  3. Improved Communication: Integration of MDS assessments and auto scheduling in EmLucy improves communication between healthcare providers by providing a common language and set of data elements for assessments.

  4. Data Analysis: Integration of MDS assessments and auto scheduling in EmLucy provides data for analysis and quality improvement initiatives. By analyzing MDS data, healthcare providers are able to identify areas for improvement and optimize healthcare operations.

  5. Improved Quality of Care: EmLucy's Integrated MDS assessments and auto scheduling features improve the quality of care provided to residents by ensuring that assessments are thorough and accurate.

Using EmLucy with MDS assessments and auto scheduling allows skilled nursing facilities to streamline the assessment process, ensures consistency and accuracy in assessments, and improves the quality of care provided to residents.

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