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  • Margarete Ralston

EmLucy Minimum Data Set Auto-Scheduling

Automating MDS (Minimum Data Set) assessment scheduling can significantly reduce the workload of MDS coordinators in a skilled nursing facility. EmLucy is a modern facility management system with EHR that automatically schedules MDS assessments. Here are some ways in which the EmLucy automatic scheduling feature (auto-scheduling for short) of MDS assessments improves financial performance of a SNF.

  1. Reduced manual work: Without auto-scheduling, MDS coordinators have to manually track and schedule MDS assessments for each resident, which is a time-consuming process. With auto-scheduling, the system automatically generates a schedule based on the required assessment frequency, reducing the need for manual tracking and scheduling.

  2. Reduced errors: Manual tracking and scheduling can lead to errors, such as missed assessments or assessments scheduled too frequently or infrequently. An auto-scheduling system reduces the likelihood of errors by automating the scheduling process.

  3. Increased efficiency: Auto-scheduling can help MDS coordinators prioritize assessments based on their due dates, allowing them to focus on other important tasks such as care planning and coordination.

  4. Improved compliance: Auto-scheduling ensures that assessments are performed on time and at the required frequency, helping the skilled nursing facility to stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

  5. Improved communication: Auto-scheduling provides better communication between the MDS coordinators and other departments in the skilled nursing facility. By providing a clear schedule for assessments, other departments can plan their activities accordingly, reducing disruptions and improving resident care.

EmLucy with auto-scheduling of MDS assessments reduces the workload of MDS coordinators in a skilled nursing facility. It also reduces errors, increases efficiency, improves compliance, and enhances communication between departments. By leveraging technology to automate scheduling, skilled nursing facilities improves the quality of care provided to their residents while reducing the burden on their staff.

Go to Videos to view short videos on all the features of EmLucy.

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