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Introduction to EmLucy

Updated: May 4, 2023

Introducing EmLucy, the world's first health care system designed from the ground up to integrate total facility management with electronic health records for skilled nursing facilities. EmLucy is certified for 25 out of 43 ONC criteria met by hospitals and the same system can be linked to multiple facilities under common ownership. EmLucy is affordable with 3 levels of subscription. The cost is based on subscription period, feature selection and size of facility.

EmLucy enhances facility management, care provision, and productivity in 5 key areas:

  1. The system includes ICD-10 categorization with integrated PDPM calculation for each MDS assessment. The system also generates Care Plans, MDS data collection forms and MDS Output file for CMS billing once a patient is admitted. Patients who pay with private funds or other insurance are included in the system without MDS assessment.

  2. Management status console enables monitoring of all patient care 24/7, all caregivers assigned tasks and real-time tracking of late, pending, and on-time progress.

  3. Each caregiver is provided with a daily schedule for all assigned patients during the work shift and a reminder of the upcoming care requirements for each patient.

  4. Each patient has a care worksheet that maintains the diagnosis, medication dispensing timeline and needed care throughout the day.

  5. The system has secured electronic communication connections to pharmacies for electronic transmission of prescriptions, hospitals for patient summary of care files, laboratory/radiology and public health agencies for reportable results. EmLucy generates reports for utilization, medication, lab results, patient information, collected MDS data, and patient education.

All processes are linked together from patient admission to discharge and handled in a seamless and efficient manner. Everything begins with patient admission. This triggers the encounter and medical reconciliation by the doctor.

For Medicare and Medicaid patients, the MDS process is also started to categorize the patient treatment for billing. Once the doctor has prescribed a course of treatment, nursing staff receives assigned tasks to carry out and enter data into MDS sections during an assessment period. At each assessment interval, an MDS report is available with all collected clinical data for the MDS coordinator to review. Review and validation are self-contained within EmLucy and the MDS coordinator sends the MDS form securely to the CMS for reimbursement.

It is simple to start using the full version of EmLucy without CPT®, which is available in the licensed version. Simply enroll in the trial at using your email. There is no software to install, and the system is accessed securely on phones, tablets, desktops and laptops with standard web browsers. The system has been tested extensively with Firefox and Chrome but should work well under other browsers.

Once the trial account is approved, the system is instantly available and assigned to your facility. Sample accounts for typical nursing home personnel are automatically created to assist in learning the system. A quick tutorial on how to use the system is sent once the trial account is approved. A full user guide with workflows dedicated to critical care personnel is accessible inside the system. If there are questions on how to use a certain feature, please contact support at

Go to Videos to view short introductory videos. Go to Get Started to register for a free trial.

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