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  • Margarete Ralston

Quickly Dispense Medication with eMAR in EmLucy

eMAR (electronic medication administration record) is a digital system used by healthcare providers to manage medication administration in real-time. One of the key benefits of eMAR is that it can help with quick dispensing of medication. Here are some ways eMAR can improve medication administration:

  1. Real-time documentation: eMAR allows medication administration to be documented in real-time, providing immediate updates to the system. This can reduce the time spent on manual documentation and can make medication dispensing more efficient.

  2. Error reduction: eMAR can reduce medication errors by providing alerts for potential drug interactions or allergies. This can help healthcare providers to quickly identify and address any issues before medication is dispensed, improving patient safety.

  3. Easy access to information: With eMAR, healthcare providers can quickly access information about a patient's medication history and current medications, making it easier to dispense medication accurately and efficiently.

  4. Improved communication: eMAR can improve communication between healthcare providers, allowing them to easily communicate changes to medication orders or any other medication-related information.

  5. Increased efficiency: eMAR can streamline medication dispensing by allowing healthcare providers to quickly document medication administration and providing alerts for missed doses or overdue medications. This can reduce the time spent on manual documentation and can make medication dispensing more efficient.

Overall, eMAR can help with quick dispensing of medication by providing real-time documentation, reducing errors, providing easy access to information, improving communication, and increasing efficiency. By using eMAR, healthcare providers can improve patient safety, reduce medication errors, and improve the quality of care provided to their patients.

Go to Get Started to register for a free trial of EmLucy's eMAR features.

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