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Integrated MDS in EmLucy Reduces Costs and Increases Revenue

Integrating Minimum Data Set (MDS) assessments in EmLucy helps skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) save costs and increase revenue in several ways:

  1. Improved documentation accuracy: EmLucy's integrated MDS assessments allows SNFs to document patients' clinical status, care needs, and outcomes with ease and accuracy. This ensures that documentation is complete and accurate, which improves reimbursement rates and reduces the likelihood of denied claims.

  2. Streamlined workflows: EmLucy's integrated MDS assessments streamlines workflows by eliminating the requirement for a separate documentation system. This saves time and reduces the errors or omissions in documentation.

  3. Better care coordination: MDS assessments in EmLucy helps SNFs to coordinate care more effectively by providing a complete picture of a patient's health and care needs. This improves patient outcomes and satisfaction while also reducing readmissions and other adverse events.

  4. Improved quality reporting: MDS assessments in EmLucy allows SNFs to generate and submit quality reports to regulatory agencies and payers. This helps demonstrate the quality of care provided and improve reimbursement rates.

  5. Reduced costs: By improving documentation accuracy, streamlining workflows, and improving care coordination, integrating MDS assessments into EHRs can help to reduce costs associated with administrative tasks, duplicate testing, and other inefficiencies.

  6. Increased revenue: By improving documentation accuracy and quality reporting, integrating MDS assessments into EHRs can help to increase revenue by improving reimbursement rates and reducing the likelihood of claims denials.

EmLucy's integrated MDS assessments helps SNFs save costs and increase revenue by improving documentation accuracy, streamlining workflows, better care coordination, and quality reporting. Leveraging the capabilities of EmLucy, SNFs can provide better patient outcomes while also improving their financial performance.

Go to Get Started to register for a free trial of EmLucy's integrated MDS Assessment features.

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