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Updated: May 4, 2023

EmLucy is designed to allow a facility to run smoothly on a budget and maximize profitability. Care tasks and medical dispensing reminders are generated automatically to serve patients on time. EmLucy performs facility and workflow management with an embedded Electronic Health Record system. EmLucy synchronizes patient care with available resources and creates a daily schedule for all personnel in the facility. It also collects all daily medical services provided to each patient and automatically populates MDS forms for Medicare and Medicaid patients. This is part of integrated PDPM calculation for these services.

  1. The management team can view the complete schedule for all personnel and patients in the facility. Most employees of the facility have a daily schedule that is automatically generated depending on facility issues such as housekeeping, or patient medical service requirements. Each caregiver only needs to look at the provider status page to know when to perform the service. Any missing patient or facility service is flagged for completion as soon as possible and is visible to management.

  2. Doctors see patients and enter diagnostics using ICD-10 codes. Orders include medication, laboratory, radiology, therapy, dietary, activity and social services.

  3. ICD-10 based diagnoses are automatically included in the MDS form to produce PDPM categorization. Doctor orders trigger a medical care schedule for each patient.

  4. A nurse and/or a CNA may be assigned to the team caring for a group of patients. A nurse enters all daily care data and MDS assessment data for Fall, Pain, Respiratory, and Skin assessments, if applicable. A CNA usually enters Activities of Daily Living (ADL) data and Bladder and Bowel movement assessments. However, a nurse may also enter these assessments when a CNA isn’t available. Daily assessments are automatically transferred to an MDS form for PDPM calculation at the end of each assessment period.

  5. EmLucy generates and keeps track of MDS schedules automatically for each Medicare or Medicaid patient. Since all caregiver data is automatically entered into the appropriate MDS form, the workload of the MDS coordinator is reduced by 80%. Additionally, EmLucy guides the MDS coordinator to enter any missing items through the system validation process. The validation process provides information on which (If any) items need attention. When all items have been addressed, the PDPM score is calculated automatically.

EmLucy provides efficient workflows and schedules that involve all caregivers in providing patient services. Timely completion of care for patients is paramount and overseen by management. A caregiver always has access to his or her schedule for the day, with pending and completed tasks. At the end of a shift, any pending tasks are transferred automatically to the next caregiver of that level in the next shift. This allows patient care to be seamless, providing the best possible treatment outcomes.

Go to Videos to view short introductory videos. Go to Get Started to register for a free trial.

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