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  • Margarete Ralston

Importing and Exporting Summary of Care files

Importing and exporting summary of care (SOC) files is an important feature for digital healthcare systems in skilled nursing facilities. EmLucy, a facility management system with EHR that uses HIPAA compliant Direct Messaging to import and export SOC files. Some of the benefits of EmLucy's SOC feature are:

  1. Improved interoperability: Allowing the secure import and export of summary of care files, EmLucy improves interoperability between different healthcare providers and facilities. This ensures that resident information is accurate and up-to-date, regardless of whether or not the resident is in the SNF.

  2. Timesaving: Importing summary of care files saves SNF staff members time by automatically importing important resident information, such as medication lists or allergy information, into EmLucy. Exporting summary of care files saves time by allowing staff members to share resident information with other healthcare providers electronically and reduces paperwork.

  3. Improved accuracy: Importing summary of care files allows staff members to ensure that resident information is accurate and up-to-date, as it is being imported directly from another healthcare provider. This improves resident care and reduces the risk of errors.

  4. Increased efficiency: Allowing for the import and export of summary of care files, EmLucy increases efficiency and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

  5. Improved communication: Exporting summary of care files facilitates communication between healthcare providers, allowing them to share resident information and collaborate on resident care easily.

EmLucy's secure Import/export of summary of care files is just one of the many valuable features contained in the system for skilled nursing facilities. The system has automated many additional features to save time and improve communication between health care providers.

Go to Videos view short videos discussing the advanced features of EmLucy.

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