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Data Portability

Data portability is the ability to transfer or move data from one system to another. This means that facilities have the right to obtain and reuse their data for their own purposes across different services, without any hindrance. The concept of data portability is closely related to the right to data protection and privacy, and it is increasingly important in today's digital age where data is being collected, analyzed, and used by various organizations. EmLucy uses data structures that make it easier to move data from one system to another.

Data portability is beneficial for facilities in a number of ways. For example, it can enable people to switch service providers more easily, to better control their data, and take advantage of new and innovative services that may require access to their data. It can also promote competition among service providers by reducing barriers to entry and increasing consumer choice.

To ensure data portability, service providers must provide facilities with access to data in a machine-readable format that is widely used and can be easily transferred between different services. In addition, service providers must also ensure that the data is secure and that the transfer process is reliable and efficient.

Since EmLucy is a facility management system with EHR, customers may prefer to have all SNF patient data in one EHR system. To ease data transfer from an existing EHR system, EmLucy uses 2 different methods to import data from an existing database.

  • If your existing EHR system supports Summary of Care (SOC) data transfer

In this case, the EHR portion of EmLucy will import or export the patient SOC. The patient’s SOC can be imported through LucyService and will transfer all patient demographic information, allergies, current medications, and medical problems. The lab or radiology results can be imported through LucyService as well.

  • If your existing EHR system does not support Summary of Care (SOC), or custom data needs to be imported:

Traditionally, SOC does not carry over medical encounters, medical diagnosis, medical prognosis, nursing charts or notes, vitals, etc. If any of this information needs to be transferred to EmLucy, it can be put into Excel spreadsheets for EmLucy to read into the database. Since each situation is different and additional help may be required, SnfSoft will charge a nominal fee to assist with data transfer.

EmLucy provides different methods to preserve an existing database so that a facility will have all relevant and important data to start functioning in a new environment right away. The simplest way is using SOC to import data as for a patient transfer from another facility. If any custom data needs to be preserved, SnfSoft will assist customers to transfer the information required to ensure a seamless transition.

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