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Nurse and Patient

The New Standard for Healthcare Facilities

A self-contained system for tracking and billing patient services from admission to discharge.

Let Your Data Provide Accurate and Efficient Healthcare

Use data collected to schedule care and medical requirements of patients.

HIPAA Compliant in the Cloud 

State of the art implementation allows facilities to concentrate on patient service.

Data Collaboration

Data are utilized for daily analysis, patient care, caregiver assignment and facility schedule.

Application Flexibility

EmLucy combines facility management, healthcare management and patient service.

Patient Service Status

EmLucy tracks care services that are being provided to patients based on indicators of timeliness. 


Automated Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) integrates patient services into periodic assessments for accurate and timely billing.

Clinical Category

International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) maps diagnoses into precise clinical categories for PDPM calculation.

MDS  Scheduler

MDS Scheduler keeps track of assessment periods so that data can be collected on patient services and entered  automatically into the PDPM payment model for calculation.


Electronic Medical Administration Record (eMAR) schedules medication dispensing for all patients.

Young woman with grandmother

Data drives the engine of EmLucy. Services are created for each patient that encompass all care from admission to discharge. For long term care patients on Medicaid service, a care plan is devised that involves the primary doctor and other staff members as required. Each care giver has a schedule of assigned tasks. These tasks are monitored for timely completion by the system.

Facility management always has an overview of the entire facility for all patient care and status of task completion. Along with care giver tasks, housekeeping and maintenance tasks are visible to management.

All Medicare and Medicaid services are automatically accumulated into the PDPM payment model for calculation. The system automatically generates a periodic assessment for Medicare and Medicaid billing. The generated MDS file is fully compliant with jRaven, which is the software used by CMS to validate MDS submissions.

The system is securely accessed in the cloud using most major web browsers and smartphones. It is securely connected with other healthcare entities to support transfer of electronic information including, but not limited to Summary Of Care, prescriptions and laboratory/radiology orders and reports.

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EmLucy is currently open for free trials

An applicant from each facility is required to file a request for a free trial. Once SnfSoft approves the trial request, a login is emailed to the applicant with instructions on how to use the system.

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