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EmLucy Flyer

Updated: May 4, 2023

Go to Videos to view short introductory videos.

EmLucyTM is a new EHR system exclusively for Skilled Nursing Facilities. The system integrates MDS data collection with PDPM to generate fast and accurate reimbursements.

A free trial is available at for facilities interested in lowering costs, improving profitability and streamlining the facility’s workflow. After the trial, subscribers will receive a 50% discount on the first year’s subscription.

  1. EmLucy automates PDPM workflow including ICD diagnostics, per patient data collection of clinical services for point calculation and auto-generates the final MDS form for submission.

  2. Streamlined MDS data collection including Integrated ICD-10 classification for PDPM clinical categories, auto population of clinical data into the MDS form, and scheduling for periodic assessments.

  3. EmLucy maintains an assessment schedule for each patient to lessen the MDS coordinator workload.

  4. EmLucy schedules tasks for all care givers based on each patient’s medical and care requirements.

  5. Every care giver has a status page with daily tasks and times for completion.

  6. The facility manager has a status page with details of each task to be performed by employees.

  7. EmLucy enables electronic access to patients' summary of care, sending electronic prescriptions to pharmacies and includes an internal email system.

  8. EmLucy schedules medication dispensing for each patient based on the prescription requirements. Nurses receive eMAR notifications on their status pages.

  9. EmLucy provides secure login from phones, tablets, PCs and laptops.

  10. EmLucy generates reports such as utilization, medication, lab, patient information, collected MDS data, and patient education materials.

  11. EmLucy is certified for 25 out of 43 ONC criteria met by hospitals, higher than any other EHR system used by skilled nursing facilities.

  12. EmLucy can be used by multiple facilities under common ownership.

  13. EmLucy is an affordable EHR system with 3 levels of subscription. The cost is based on subscription period, feature selection and size of facility.

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